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  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0393537741, 9780393537741, 9780393537789
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You May Ask Yourself 7th edition PDF:

In You May Ask Yourself 7th edition PDF, I show readers how sociologists question what most others take for granted about society, and I give readers opportunities to apply sociological ways of thinking to their own experiences. I’ve tried to jettison the arcane academic debates that become the guiding light of so many intro books in favor of a series of contemporary empirical (gold) nuggets that show off sociology (and empirical social science more generally) in its finest hour. Most students who take an introductory sociology class in college will not end up being sociology majors, let alone professional sociologists.

You May Ask Yourself 7th edition PDF Goals:

You May Ask Yourself tries to instill in the reader a way of thinking a scientific approach to human affairs that is portable, one that students will find useful when they study anything else, whether history or medicine. To achieve this ambitious goal, I tried to write a book that was as “un-textbook”-like as possible, while covering all the material that a student in sociology needs to know.

In You May Ask Yourself 7e, each chapter is organized around a motivating paradox, meant to serve as the first chilling line of a mystery novel that motivates the reader to read on to find out (or rather, figure out, because this PDF is not about spoon-feeding facts) the nugget, the debate, the fundamentally new way of looking at the world that illuminates the paradox.

What’s New in the Seventh Edition

Higher education is in rapid transition, with online instruction expanding in traditional institutions, in the expanding for-profit sector, and in the new open-courseware movement. The industry is still very much in flux, with massive open online courses (MOOCs) failing to displace traditional classroom education (so far).

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